Hidden In The Hills – Grevillea Or Spider Flower

By Lachlan Turner

Throughout the latter part of the year it is possible to come across what is commonly described as a Grevillea or Spider Flower Plant.

There are four Spider Plants having a similar structured flower, each presenting with a different contrasting colour.

The most noticeable one in natural bushland could well be the Red Spider Plant (Grevillea speciosa), flowering mostly from June to September on a spreading shrub up to 2 meters tall.

Maybe the most prolific one would be the Grey Spider Plant (Grevillea buxifolia). An erect shrub also up to 2 meters in height. The flowering period is mainly between July and October. Buds may have a pinkish tinge in the early stages.

Undoubtedly the most attractive one would be the Pink Spider Plant (Grevillea sericea). Its flowers are generally a bright pink colour but the centres can tend toward a deeper pinky mauve while the ends may tend towards paler pink when the flower matures. It flowers between July to December.

Probably the least common is the Narrow-leaf Spider Plant (Grevillea linearfolia), which has a small white flower with pink tips when in its early stages. It can grow up to 4 meters in height but can be somewhat straggly in appearance. Flowering mostly occurs from July through to October.

With the exception of this last one, all these Grevilleas have similar shaped leaves with some individual variations in shape. All four can be found within the same general areas of open forest, adjacent heathlands and sandy slopes.

The latter part of the uear is probably a good time to get out into our bushland reserves and discover some of these colourful Grevilleas

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