Here We Are In March Already!

By Katrina Langlands

Did you know March is the month named after Mars, the Roman God of War.

With saying this, March in your patch is an excellent time to wage war on it. Time to rip out the weeds from all the decent rainfall we have received. Mulch up to slow down the weeds and keep the moisture in, top dress your lawns to keep them thick and healthy before winter arrives and pop in plants.

March is a great time to launch a full scale attack on you patch! So, people … March into action!

As I’m sure you all know by now we have all those products you will require for your gardens.

Soils, soil conditioners, top dressing soils and an array of different mulches.

Don’t forget we have all your edging needs here with our ranges of Form Boss Steel Edging.

Install your edging to help keep your lawn runners out and keep your wandering plants in.

Do call in and see all our products or visit our website Have a wonderful start to March.

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