Parents Helping their Child to Buy their First Home


As Sydney’s residential property prices are getting more expensive, young people are finding it harder to save than the first home property deposit, to afford their dream.

Becoming the trend now, parents helping their kids out, young people, financially and other ways, to help them save for that deposit. Also, with other assistance along the first home buying journey.

A first home savings plan, between the young person and their parents, is a great way to achieve that dream and housing affordability.

Such planning and achieving that home purchase goal is further assisted by choosing the right mortgage broker. They can guide you, in the right direction, as well as shop around for the right home loan, to turn the first home dream, into reality.

Speak to us at ABS Conveyancing, to refer you to the right mortgage brokers.

As of September 2021, Revenue NSW has the following incentives for homebuyers in stamp duty – full exemption of stamp duty up to $650,000.00. A partial exemption from $650,000.00 to $800,000.00. Subject to change if any change to NSW government policy.


First Home