Books in A Time of Need: Galston High School Library to Your Doorstep

With Greater Sydney in lockdown and schools shifting to online learning, students at Galston High School have switched their schoolbooks for laptops and classrooms for Zoom calls. But one essential aspect of school is more challenging to substitute – the school library.

To fill this gap, Galston High School’s library is offering a book delivery service, with 30 books delivered to students’ doorsteps on its first day of operation.

Ms Arnold, the teacher-librarian at Galston High School, explained that while the school also provides access to a digital library, having the option to choose between a physical or digital book was very important.

“Students are spending many hours a day working from screens: eyes get fatigued from staring at a backlit screen for so long. Escaping through a book is much less appealing if the only option is to stare at another screen, so having access to physical books in a Covid-safe way is more important than ever.”

The service also ensures HSC students can access the school’s wide range of study guides, past papers and exam workbooks, which generally aren’t accessible online for free.

Emily, a Year 12 student, used the book delivery service to help with her study routine. “I was able to get the HTA Modern History study guide delivered to my house, which is helping me update my study notes and compliments what I’m learning online – it’s been a huge help!”

Galston High School students can request books by accessing Oliver Library through their student portal or directly calling the school.