Flu Season

Flu Season is just around the corner. This year there’s a lot of publicity around the Covid19 vaccine, which has taken the focus away from the flu vaccine.

It’s important to remember the flu is responsible for many hospitalisations and deaths every year, so it’s very important to get your flu vaccine. It’s recommended you have your flu shot sometime between March and May, with your immunity strongest in the 4 months following a shot.

The flu shot is available FREE for many vulnerable patients, including:
• People 65 years and older
• Children 6 months to 5 years of age
• People with chronic health problems and impaired immunity (check with your GP for eligibility)
• Pregnant women

If you aren’t eligible for the free vaccine, Medical Centre At Round Corner will have them available for $5, with the service available 7 days a week. Book online or call us on 02 8403 4200 for more information.

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