Finding A Great Swimming Teacher

How do you find the right swimming teacher for your child and avoid wasting time and money on poor quality lessons?

Carlile Swimming is regarded as one of the world’s leading swim schools. Based on their 65 years leading the industry, Carlile believes the best teachers:

• Are friendly and engaging with lots of smiles and laughter.

• Give individual instruction, gentle correction and encouragement.

• Are well organised and keep children kept active.

• Explain and demonstrate techniques or ask children to demonstrate (kids often absorb by watching their peers).

• Have children swimming shorter distances with more chance for correction.

• Work within a well-developed system that builds confidence and skills before children progress to the next level.

• Are supported by supervisors who constantly monitor the quality of the lesson.

• Have comprehensive training both in an online environment and practical at pool level.

Carlile have a COVIDSafe purpose-built teaching centre at Cherrybrook with lessons for all ages.

You can contact them on 9980 7822.

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