Dural Gift Graces Galston Concerts

The Galston Concerts, postponed for 2020, will return in 2021, enriched by a gift from Dural worth remembering in this the month of Remembrance Day.

While 11 November honours the memory of those who served, suffered and sacrificed in wars, ‘remembrance’ can also reflect on musical service. As examples Dame Nellie Melba sang for our troops during the First World War, ‘Our Glad’ Gladys Moncrieff and Dame Vera Lynn entertained during World War Two, Little Pattie, the Sapphires and others in Vietnam.

Great ladies closer to home still serve the Galston Concerts in other ways and are also deserving of remembrance.

Hills district resident Mrs Melba Branz generously donated her concert grand piano to Dural Uniting Church at the time of the completion of the Galston Uniting Parish Centre in 1988.

A centenary earlier the three sisters the Misses E. C., M. L. and C. F. Baxter, donated a pipe organ to the Bourke Street Congregational Church, Sydney.

That 1888 historic organ, professionally restored, was relocated into the New Galston Uniting Church as part of the 1988 opening of the Parish Centre.

“The church itself with its wonderful sound and ambience combines with the added treasures of the piano and organ”, notes concerts artistic director Rob Harris, “so we hope that post COVID there be lots of future concerts – and no future wars.”

To join the Galston Concerts database contact Robert on 0428 248 348. Until concerts re-commence a monthly e-bulletin Newsletter shares music news and play-lists of Classical and other styles for audience home listening.

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