Covid No Hindrance to Community Service

By Craig Hingston Community Service

Mission, and community service, are a foundational part of our culture at Pacific Hills which is why we are keen to continue is despite lockdown and social distancing.

Residents of Anglicare’s Flinders Village enjoyed a unique experience when they “met with” our Year 5 and 6 students and Principal, Dr Ted Boyce, via Zoom technology.

It was a wonderful time of community, sharing stories and asking questions of the residents.

Community ServiceMl Razey, the Assistant Head of Middle School, said that one of the residents had tears in his eyes at the end of the hour session.

“What a blessing! Hopefully, we brought a little bit of joy to their lives. Our students were truly amazed at some of their stories. Thanks go to Jason Mok who had oversight of this special time.”

The Head of Middle School, Gavin Neale, said that some of the residents rarely leave their rooms and so this was a special occasion for them. They loved the experience and as a result, a number of other residents asked if they could share in the future. Community Service

“We are making this an ongoing connection time of service for our students and the residents are very keen to see us again next Friday”, added Mel.