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The NSW Government has implemented a Business Concierge service through Service NSW which is a trusted source of information and personalised, ongoing support for small businesses impacted by Covid-19 . You can register for a call back via: For residents, there are more than 70 rebates and savings that the NSW Government offers to help ease the cost of living, with others introduced during this Covid-19 period. For information you can call Service NSW 24/7 on 13 77 88 or visit:

Transport for NSW has extended the school zone on Mile End Road to improve public safety for Rouse Hill Public School. The extention includes the installation of new static & flashing school zone signage and line marking (“40” pavement patch and dragon’s teeth) on a 219m school zone section of Mile End Road between Clower Avenue and Withers Road, Rouse Hill. Covid-19 

The RSL is the largest veteran not-for profit organization in Australia with sub-Branches in most suburbs and towns in its states and territories.

In NSW, there are over 350 sub-Branches where veterans gather to observe commemorative activities such as ANZAC Day, get support for themselves and families, enjoy camaraderie with fellow veterans, participate in social activities themselves with their families and much more.

The Castle Hill RSL sub-Branch would welcome veterans joining it and for them to be involved in what it does for veterans and their families. Contact details are (02) 8858 4809 or [email protected]