Bushfire Threats! Prepared?

Bushfire Threats! Prepared Upcoming Fire Season?

Maximus Hills is an Aussie Pump Gold Distributor, and owner Joe understands that the community needs to be prepared for our upcoming fire season. “As a local in the Hills area, I have personally seen the devastation of fires in our local area,” said Joe. “Recent rain may have deferred the fire season but the […]

Property Insurance – Are You Adequately Protected?

Property Insurance – Are You Adequately Protected?

PROPERTY & YOU – BY PAUL MCKENZIE, ABS CONVEYANCING Summer time, we tend to see bushfires, storms, floods etc. Are you adequately covered in your property insurance for these events? Anyone who owns residential houses or commercial property, should check to make sure, their property insurance covers these events. Some insurance policies do, some don’t. […]

Aussie Says Thank You

Aussie Pumps Says Thank You

Aussie Pumps, birthed only 30 years ago in Arcadia, continues to grow not just in Australia, but also globally. This innovative company is a great local success story. Unlike big corporations that are driven by shareholders with demands for dividends, Aussie is a family business and has proven that Australian innovation can produce products that […]

Sports News At The Centre

Netball competitions At The Centre

The Centre is a sports hub in the heart of Dural, focusing mainly on social Futsal and Netball competitions. We run multiple competitions for varying skill levels. Part of this is our Holiday Clinics for the young ones to grow their skills and love of sport. We have Boot Camps for mums to socialise while […]

Why Is Hearing In Noise So Difficult?

Hearing screening

When we gather with friends and family around the dinner table, at a BBQ or at the local pub for a meal and a catch-up. In those situations, many people experience they have difficulties following the conversation as everything seems to get ‘muddled up’. Why is this and what can be done? If one struggles […]

Live In Dignity

Karis Life Live In Dignity

Founded in 1984 by Rej Punchayil and formerly known as Comfort Discovered, Karis Life is still providing the same quality services gleaned from decades of industry knowledge and experience in the Assistive Independence World. The new company name is derived from the Greek word, ‘Charis’ meaning ‘goodwill, loving kindness, favour and grace’, summing up the […]

Manage Chronic Pain at Westleigh Chiropractic

chronic pain

We emphasize the importance of effectively managing chronic pain during Osteoporosis Awareness Month. This observance aims to raise awareness about various types of pain and promote new solutions for those living with it. Pain is a complex, subjective experience that can affect anyone, often resulting from injuries, medical conditions, or lifestyle factors, significantly impacting your […]

Escape Abroad Without Leaving Dural at the Centre

Community Event

Already home to a thriving Men’s Shed, The Centre at Dural has been looking for more ways to reach out to some of the older populations nearby. Angie, our resident Nonna, saw an opportunity to do what she does best, entertain and put on a great lunch! Following Covid shut downs, and dreaming of travelling […]

From The Desk Of Matt Kean

From the desk of Matt Kean: Bushfire Season

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Run For The Hills Event and Fire Ready Information

Run For The Hills Event and Fire Ready Information

MARK HODGES MP MEMBER FOR CASTLE HILL RUN FOR THE HILLS The greatest community fun run, ‘Run for the Hills’ was held over the second weekend of September in association with the Orange Blossom Festival. Formally known as the Cross-Country Challenge, the fun run was held at a scenic location, the historic Bella Vista Farm. […]