Taylor Beef Food Club

We want to get ethical, nutrient-dense locally grown Black Angus Beef to our community, and we also understand the need for convenience.

We have come up with the ‘Taylor Beef Food Club’. Taylor Beef will have fresh beef packs available for pick-up once a fortnight. All orders need to be pre-ordered. This is an invitation to people living in our immediate community, to pick up beef products we have grown on the farm.

This allows people to access farm-to-plate food and is a great way to build community; developing meaningful relationships, centred around Australian grown ethical prime Angus beef.

Buying meat in bulk is ideal for families who have room in the freezer to store meat. From family roasts to weekend barbeques or a quick Spaghetti Bolognese during the week, buying 1/8 cow has everything you need for a variety of meals across 1-2 months.