Bare Root Season is Here

It is the perfect time to select and plant a deciduous tree in your garden. Deciduous trees are dormant during winter making them easy to transport and plant without any fuss. They will establish a root system over the winter months, which will maximise your spring growth. Also, at this time of year, the nursery has the best selection of deciduous trees.

They are available in larger quantities and are sometimes bare root, making them more economical to purchase.

The advantage of having a deciduous tree in your garden is that they provide excellent shade when needed in the summer months, and they allow the sun to shine through and warm your home in the winter months. They add beauty to your surroundings and can add colour and interest to a landscape. A row of deciduous trees can help define a space and add privacy to a yard.

You may be after a feature tree that is a little larger such as flowering plum. The plums have a deep purple leaf and the prettiest pink flowers in spring. Bare Root Bare Root Bare Root

They range in height from three to four metres high and have a nice v shape. Another small to the medium flowering tree is the range of crepe myrtles. They are renowned for their hardiness and excellent flower colours right through the summer months. Other flowering trees include ornamental pears, which have a narrow upright habit. They are best planted in rows along driveways or borders of a property.

Let’s also not forget that there is a vast range of deciduous fruiting trees available in winter. Why not plant apples, pears or peach trees. Also available are figs, plums, cherries as well as assorted berries.

Whatever your requirements in deciduous trees, now are the time to get the best value, range and choice. Ph: 02 9679 2606 |