Are you eligible for FREE hearing aids?

In these uncertain times, we are all looking to improve our lifestyle without putting pressure on financial resources. Hearing aids are one way to improve your communication. But the cost of aids can seem like a luxury not a necessity. The good news is that the Government provides a subsidised hearing services program for pensioners and veterans.

How do I apply for the subsidised hearing services?
If you have a Pensioner Concession Card or a DVA White or Gold Card, you are eligible to apply for government funded hearing services. You can apply online or you can visit an approved service provider who will complete your application. Hear-Clear Australia, conveniently located in Dural is one the 270 approved service providers across Australia.

What subsidised services am I entitled to receive?
Firstly, you will have a free hearing test. Then, if you need a hearing aid, you will be offered an appropriate device which may be fully subsidised (free) or partially subsidised (top-up). Plus, there is an ongoing maintenance program including replacement batteries (for a small annual fee) and regular checks and adjustments included in the program.

But are the free hearing aids any good?
The hearing aids on the subsidised program are governmentapproved and meet strict quality and technical standards. There are many quality hearing aids on the “free list”. However, you may choose to pay for a Top-Up hearing aid to get better performance in background noise.

Can I change providers if I am not happy?
While, you are encouraged you to see your hearing aid service as a long-term relationship, it is important that your needs are being considered, so you can change providers. For an obligation free consultation and to find out if you are eligible, contact the friendly staff at Hear-Clear Australia.

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