Arcadian Quilters

Late last year and a little earlier than … “the night before Christmas and all through the house” … many groups and friends were starting to wonder just what might be possible and available for Christmas; what could we expect … and what restrictions might be in place when the actual day arrived ??

Our group’s decision had to be made (early) and a venue booked!!

As a result we quilters were able to enjoy a “set-menu lunch” at Geranium Cottage where we were welcomed and well catered for by happy staff.

All the difficulties and lock-downs eventually passed and somehow everyone did make their way through the festive season.

We have emerged on the other side, still here, still healthy and grateful to be able to plan our first meeting for this year at our “home’ venue in the Galston Community Centre.

We met on Wednesday, 20th January, armed with quite a lot of our past months sewing projects, our masks, our own cups, morning tea etc etc …. we observed social distancing and all the requirements for an indoor group meeting.

It was grand to see each other; to speak about our end of year “adventures” and catch up with news from pals we had not seen.

So begins our New Year of 2021.

I find it encouraging and rewarding to be part of a group of women who continue to find ways “around” each challenge as it arises.

Large or small, these safety restrictions and mandatory requirements will be with us for some time to come.

However we CAN continue to work for the Community, we CAN continue to offer comfort to those in need.

We CAN still invite you to join us …. as we sew, as we plan, as we share companionship, SO … if you would like any more information about us, please call Carole on 9894 7749.

Stay well, look after each other and keep that smile on show in 2021 !!

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