Arcadian Quilters: The Value Of Conforming

During a recent Skype visit with our family I listened as our grandchildren discussed the looming “home schooling” situation which has now returned to many households. Value Of Conforming

“Yeah and we have to wear our uniforms” … I saw enlightenment flash across one daughter’s face … “what a great idea, we can do that too” …. “Hump, thanks cousin” …. we adults shared a knowing look !!!

How much more positive we are when as many factors as possible point us in the right direction, it can make the simplest task achievable. My recent chosen task was to make a “scrappy quilt”….. No problem, I can do this!!

It did have it’s problems of course — not enough choice in colours more scraps required ….. hmmm, I need to be more organised here? It soon became apparent that I lacked the discipline of choosing blocks of colour first, then mixing and matching to my liking.

As you can see, I’m almost there and I have written on one piece of fabric “DISCIPLINE APPLIED”.

Fortunately our President has offered us as a group a form of discipline by way of suggesting we each make patchwork blocks suitable for children’s quilts, a size and age group has been suggested but the subject choices are ours, what a fun project and I for one can’t wait to get started.

Conforming to discipline in lockdown in our household means …it must be “cuppa and cake” time soon … then suddenly it’s ….“what’s for lunch.”??Thank goodness for the gardens, the newspapers, our favourite books and these beautiful sunny days.


As always look after each other: maintain that winning smile: show how positive we can really be when it matters. Conforming  Conforming  

We are not meeting anywhere soon BUT please keep us in mind. Carole can be contacted on 9894 7749.