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Today was going to be different for us, we were expecting “visitors” !! Our attendance was excellent, our members came into the sunshine to support the team.

Our guests were from the “MAKE A WISH” foundation, a group which has our long standing support. Two delightful young women came to meet us, to explain how the foundation works and to share a few stories of joy and happiness that they witness when a child’s wish comes true.

To lift a sick child out of the daily grind of medication, tests, necessary life saving routines and the “sameness” of hospital life must be an emotional thrill which few others can actually experience. Yet these two unassuming young women have just that opportunity in what might be a normal “day at the office” for them.

Our President, Carole joined Evelyn and Megan as we thanked them for sharing their morning with us.

Arcadian QuiltersThe girls explained how the COVID-19 situation has put paid to most of just what these young women can offer to their patients.

We presented a large quilt for the Foundation to raffle “on line” …. an option we chose by way of helping bring awareness and financial support to this very worthy cause.

We also gave a cheery cot-quilt, hopefully adding a bright note to a child’s life.

Our quilting meeting continued as usual after our guests left, the richer for having shared our morning with two young women ‘who make a difference’ to someone’s else’s life.

As we prepare to bring this challenging year to a close may we Quilters wish each of you …. “safety and shared happiness” for your own journeys into 2021.

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