Arcadian Quilter’s -Community Service groups

As we say ‘goodbye’ to August I feel I would like to reflect on some events which do always take place at the end of every month and do involve those of us who are linked to Community Service groups.

Zoom meetings are very much in favour of these Community group meetings and indeed are a great way for people to stay connected.

While our patchwork group does work within the local Community we choose to stay in touch via emails.

My reflections however raise a question which is one regarding protocol.

Community Service

Should we bother to iron the whole shirt … or will just ‘the collar and cuffs’ do?

Should (in the case of we ladies) take great care with our make-up and just how perfectly quiffed do our hairstyles really need to be?

If there are 20 members in your group there will the opportunity for 8 or 9 screens to be squeezed into your own Home Computer Screen.

Now, consider the various positions of your friend’s screens, for example … will it be an iPad teetering on a pile of books that are placed on a small coffee table?

Will the coffee table be close enough to really SEE your friends face … or will you be talking to her knees as she leans closer to the iPad and those wobbly books?

Perhaps the semi-professional approach is better – laptop on a desk; this could be good? Community Service

How is the back-light in this particular friend’s room; is it too sunny perhaps or is there a poorly positioned lamp too close thus creating glare or reflection?

Next, take a good look at yourself on the shared screen … what can your friends see??? Community Service

Oh, Gosh, Really! Do I honestly look like that … oh well, the blouse seems OK and I know they can’t see the PJs and odd sox under the table!!!

But, remember those ever welcoming companions can see your smiling friendly face; the face eager to stay in touch ‘no matter what’…!

So just go ahead and iron the whole shirt; your pals are worth it … and they’ll love you for it !! Community Service

Once again – we are not meeting anytime soon but Carole is still able to be contacted on 9894 7749.

Keep us in mind when you think of patches and stitches and quilts and…. Look after each other during sunny September!!!