Winter Garden Maintenance at Langlands

Winter Garden Maintenance at Langlands

Now winter is upon us it’s the perfect time to get creative and build those new garden areas.

Langlands stock the best and simplest steel edging available. Easy to install with a basic screw together design this edging known as Shapescaper can form any shape you put your mind to. Also can be provided in many heights from 70mm up to 590mm to fulfil your desires.

Langlands can supply you with garden soil for your new creation along with a large range of mulches to complete the job.

As the colder months continue and most plants experience dormancy, weeds with flourish. Mulching existing gardens may be a necessity and our range and is sure to help your needs.

AND don’t forget to order your Premium Ironbark Firewood that is kept dry ready for keeping you & your families warm in winter.

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