Wildflower Walk

Throughout the year volunteers at the Community Environment Centre in Currie Avenue at Annangrove, conduct guided walks into the adjacent bushland to showcase the variety of wildflowers that exist in this patch of bushland. Depending on the season there will be different flowers visible along the track.

Wildflowers are not the only feature that can be seen secluded away in the understory, or higher up in the canopy. Early in the morning there can be many birds visible as they forage amongst the foliage for insects as well as nectar from the flowers. Their activity during the heat of the day is generally somewhat reduced unless the day happens to be cooler and overcast.

Spring is usually the best time of the year to see wildflowers in bloom. Autumn is a time when other species tend to flourish. During the hotter months of Summer the number of wildflowers is almost non-existent. During Winter there are some that extend their flowering period from Autumn, whilst others can last well into Spring. The nature of the soils in which native plants grow also dictates whether they thrive in their chosen habitat. Water importantly plays a significant role in where some native plants grow best.

All bushland has a diversity of environments in which to find an extensive range of native flowering plants in season. A booklet containing details about many local Hills District wildflowers is available for reading by entering the following web address into your computer’s browser.

A self guided map for this walk is available at the Centre. The track follows the red marker tapes visibly attached every couple of meters starting at the end of Currie Ave.. Time taken to complete the walk ranges from around 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how much time is taken to look at the surroundings. Next month will be about some aspect related to bushland birdlife as October is Bird Month with the Backyard Bird Count being held during the 19th to the 25th of the month. For more information enter this web address into your browser: