Why You Need to be Entering Awards

Have you considered entering awards? Do you think you’re not ready for them? Do you have impostor syndrome – I’m not good enough? Or are you already entering plenty? Whether you’re a first timer or repeat entrant, let’s talk about how and why entering awards can be good for business.

The first thing awards do is allow us to reflect on our businesses and look at our accomplishments. We often focus on what we failed to accomplish and overlook all the amazing things we still did achieve. Entering awards can force you to look back on your successes and recognise them.

Social proof is an important part of the buying process for many buyers. Few people want to be the first to try a product, service or business unless they are risk takers. The rest prefer to see evidence of you providing good service.

When we see the words ‘award winning’ we can’t help being impressed. Some of the awards feel a little like you enter and everyone becomes a finalist, whereas others are highly competitive with a restricted finalist list and a deserving winner.

I’ve seen businesses market even the finalist status and get good press coverage and attention from prospects. If you do win, make sure you share your success with your audience and the world!

So how do you win? By being awesome of course! The biggest tip I can give you, is read the questions and answer them properly! It’s amazing how many don’t do this. Good luck from your award winning business trainer.