Traffic Issues – Kenthurst /Annangrove /Dural Traffic (3)

Spring Holidays are over and we’ve been hit with the usual issues, just worse it seems. The only relief will be once the HSC students are finished and get their well earned rest.

My email to our local councillor who seemed so helpful, remain unanswered, but I do have a response from The Hon Andrew Constance MP with regards to public transport:

Basically the letter points out the following:

• It is not possible to satisfy every request

• There are no plans to increase the services to route 641 as current services meet the needs of the majority of customers

• There are 2 school buses 3169 and 3160 if one wishes to travel to Cherrybrook from Kenthurst

• The NSW Government announced an additional 14,000 weekly services across the bus network over the next 4 years (regarding Box Hill, Rouse Hill and Nelson)

• My feedback will be considered as part of future planning.

I will not comment at this stage. Furthermore, below in summary the follow up on my email to the local councillor:

• What is the council ACTIVELY doing NOW – short term • What is the result of the beginning of investigations of the traffic issues by council officers?

• What is done regarding the school traffic? Especially Hills Grammar, Marian College, St. Madeleines, Pacific Hills? Councils need to approach the State Government in order to get kids back on buses.

• Coulter Swimmings’ Application to extend their car park

• enforcing 8t limit on Annangrove Road

• Public transport. Why are there buses at 11am and 1pm – empty – and no buses in peak ]hour (641)? – [See reply from Mr Constance].

• Bike paths

Then my attention was drawn to the South Dural Development (the triangle of New Line Road, Hastings and Old Northern Roads), which is only dormant, because the roads cannot handle any more traffic – namely New Line Road. Julian Leeser MP has issued a petition to fast track the New Line Road upgrade – don’t’ forget, this is only a call to sign the petition to fast track – however, once that is underway, South Dural Development will very likely go ahead and we will be back where we were before, if not worse.

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