A Time To Say Goodbye Our Manager Retires

In 2014, after the departure of Bernie Triebe, Gary came to us with impressive qualifications and an enthusiasm for the Community Bank system second to none.

During the six years Gary has been with us, he has melded into the community with outstanding results, lifting the bank’s books by about 100%, which has resulted in donations to the community of approx $1 million and yearly dividends to investors of 17 cents per dollar share.

During his last year, Gary has also had to manage our bank through the Covid period which he, and the bank’s expert staff have done with great success, with strong disciplines at the bank and support from the board of directors.

Gary has become an identity in our community, and we will miss seeing that person with that unmistakeable barometer of time in our streets. He was always willing to say “G’ day” and have a conversation, not only talking about banking.

We say goodbye to Gary with sincere thanks for the supreme effort he put into growing the business and the Community Bank concept, both of which will have an everlasting imprint on our community.

We trust that Gary and his family will have a healthy and successful life in the future.

Our bank now has to find and engage the services of a new manager to fill the shoes of Gary, big shoes to fill.

If there is anyone in our community who is interested and has the financial qualifications to manage our bank, please make yourself known to our bank by emailing [email protected]

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