Give Ticks The Flick!!!


This would have to be the worst tick season I have experienced in over a decade. With two trips to the Vets, and a close brush with death for one of my beloved cats, I am doing everything possible to prevent any further infestations.

All my cats have Seresto collars, which usually do the trick, however this year the ticks seem to be resistant to them and I have had to also use Bravecto spot on, which one cat had a reaction to. This week I removed five ticks off both myself and my cats, luckily before they had time to fully inject their poison.


Here is a list of symptoms to watch out for, and please make sure if you have a long haired cat or dog to thoroughly examine your animal every day, from top to toe, and even in the nostrils and ears. Those ticks are mighty sneaky!

If your pet shows any of these signs, then you MUST take them immediately to your closest Vets and cross your fingers that it doesn’t happen after hours (like me) when you will have to go to an Emergency clinic.

Prevention is the best medicine, so please talk to your Vet, your friends and family about which products they use (that WORK) and do your research re possible side effects.

Having a pet on Anti Tick serum, ventilator, etc can be a very costly exercise for what should be a preventable thing.