Playful Pups Can Present Problems

Here at Petstock Vet Dural, we see an interesting variety of cases but unfortunately this also includes dogs (less frequently cats) that eat things they shouldn’t.

One such case was a normally energetic 16-week-old French Bulldog called Billy. After presenting to emergency after-hours vet on the long weekend for vomiting, and not responding to medical treatment, Billy was seen at our vet hospital. He hadn’t eaten for 4 days and had a very painful abdomen.

Luckily our ultra-sonographer was on-site doing a scan on another patient, and she kindly agreed to check Billy’s belly. As suspected, there was an intestinal blockage, but also something in his stomach which was unusual given that he had not been keeping anything down.

Billy had surgery that afternoon, and a wad of fabric was lodged in his small intestine. This was attached by a thick thread to a larger piece of fabric in the stomach; all from stuffed toys that he had chewed and swallowed. Had it been left any longer, Billy may have had an intestinal perforation. Happily, he recovered well from the operation. After this scary incident, we were very pleased to see him ploughing into his first meal, and then being reunited with his family.