The many ways wellbeing is actioned at Northholm

Students thrive when they are provided a safe and supportive environment where they have the opportunities and motivation to reach their potential. Northholm Grammar School’s inclusive and dynamic approach to the Early Primary Years aims to establish a love of learning, a passion to explore new opportunities and a positive attitude to further enhance students' learning journey through to the Secondary years. Northholm challenges students to flourish both academically and socially by delivering a range of wellbeing initiatives to help students become well- rounded individuals.

In partnership with the Resilience Project, Northholm gives students the tools to bounce back from stress, challenges and failures by developing the key pillars of resilience: gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. We don’t ask our students not to make mistakes, but we do want them to have the skills to learn from them, setting them up for future success.

The extensive co-curricular options also form part of Northholm’s wellbeing program, giving students the opportunity to find their passions, build friendships and communication skills. Activities offered are wide ranging across K-12, from Kindergarteners learning animal care to spectacular Drama Club productions. Students are also encouraged to develop decision-making capabilities by participating in leadership opportunities. This year, active representation was extended to the Primary Years through the Student Representative Council.

Resilience and growth were on display recently at the new whole-school Public Speaking Competition. We couldn’t have imagined the calibre of public speakers within the younger cohort and were astounded to see a Kindergarten student not only have the confidence to speak in front of over 150 people but to also, with the support of her teacher and peers, make it to the Grand Final. By having a multi-faceted approach to wellbeing at Northholm, the School ensures that every student’s needs are valued in their pursuit of personal growth.