Take Control and Download the Get Prepared App to Recover Faster

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in an emergency. To help prepare, Hornsby Shire Council is encouraging residents stay safe in a disaster or a time of crisis by downloading and completing an emergency plan on the Get Prepared app. Research shows that the more people prepare for a disaster, the faster they recover.

The Get Prepared app helps residents connect with key support people, accomplish simple tasks to make loved ones safer, and protect the things that matter most to them.

Get Prepared is a free and easy to use, onestop tool to help you prepare for any type of emergency. Residents can:

• establish a quick and easy network of support with three key contacts
• review the risks relevant to where they live
• create checklists of actions to make an emergency plan
• save the emergency plan as a PDF to be printed and shared with others.

“The past few years have seen us experience a series of acute emergencies, and this year’s devastating floods have been unprecedented. As we continue to recover from the most recent events, it’s time to plan and prepare for what could be around the corner – be it floods, storms, bushfires or extreme heat,” said Hornsby Shire Mayor Philip Ruddock.

“You can take practical steps like preparing an emergency kit, with what you need for an emergency, and creating a plan using the Get Prepared App, to keep it close to hand.”

The Get Prepared app, is co-created by Australian Red Cross and general insurer IAG.

As a participating Council in the Resilient Sydney program, Hornsby Shire Council is collaborating with the Councils of Sydney to create a metropolis that is connected, inclusive and resilient.

To find out more and to download the app visit

Get Prepared app