CWA News

With 2022 bringing us our third successive summer of discontent, regular columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald and founder of Bad Mother Media, Kate Halfpenny, has had the brilliant idea of getting actual professionals involved in organising Australia. She’s calling in the Country Women’s Association.

“Back in 2012 my daughter and I volunteered at the CWA pavilion… The Devonshire teas were the hottest ticket in town. We were hammered for days, and not once did the CWA ladies drop the ball. Not once did customers go sconeless. Not once did we run out of jam or cream.

The ordering, budgeting, rostering, customer service and quality control was immaculate. These were no little old ladies kneading dough while gossiping about Joyce’s daughter’s hysterectomy. They were tough, professional, and uncompromising.

And exactly what Australia needs. Organisational guns with lived and learned experience who take charge in times of crisis with no fuss. Who know that failing to plan means planning to fail… Country women, your country needs you!”

So if the exceptional organisational skills of the CWA pique your interest and the promise of a cup of tea and the occasional scone entice you, then be sure to bookmark your calendar to meet with us in Galston on the second Wednesday of each month.

Meeting details for 2022 will be posted on our Facebook page, or for more information please contact Jann 0439 222 217 or Pam 02 9653 1036. | [email protected]