Stop the Itch

Summer… sun, sweat and itchy dogs. An occasional scratch is normal but when scratching is constant; involves licking, chewing, a rash, hair loss, or malodour, then action needs to be taken.

Here at Petstock Vet Dural, our experienced nursing team can recommend the most appropriate external parasite preventatives. Paralysis ticks have been particularly prevalent this season – these can cause critical illness and tick neurotoxicity requires immediate veterinary treatment. Other than fleas, dogs can get ear and skin mites, and even be attacked by biting flies which cause non-healing wounds.

Our vets also see many dogs with allergic skin disease. Environmental allergens from grass, pollen, dust mites and moulds can trigger hypersensitivity responses. Food sensitivities can also manifest as itchy skin. It is important to book a consultation as scratching can be complicated, multi-factorial and requires an in-depth understanding of the causes to recommend the most appropriate management.

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