Second Hand Hornsby – The New Hub for Pre-loved Sales

Hornsby Shire is soon to become a pre-loved shopper’s paradise with the launch of Hornsby Shire Council’s new garage sale platform, Second Hand Hornsby.

Launching today, the innovative service on Council’s website allows residents to list their garage sale or plan their day visiting sales across the area.

Each year, Hornsby Shire residents are recycling more, with Council currently recovering 45 per cent of all kerbside waste collected. But with growing concerns about fast fashion and the rise in popularity of thrifting, Council is encouraging locals to build on this good work by making more of their unwanted items available for reuse.

Second Hand Hornsby is a one stop shop for people interested in buying or selling items at garage sales 52 weekends a year. Residents can register their domestic or community sales online to appear in an event list detailing the date, venue and kinds of goods they are selling.

The platform provides downloadable resources including posters and a check list to help people organise their garage sale. There are also tips on where and when to hold your event, what second hand shoppers are looking for and how to ensure your event is safe.

Garage sale attendees can access a handy map detailing all the events in the area so they can plan their route for their day out bargain shopping.

Mayor Philip Ruddock encouraged the community to get involved in the new initiative, explaining that by doing so, people would be doing their bit to conserve Hornsby Shire’s environment while enjoying themselves.

“Get on board with Second Hand Hornsby to experience the fun of garage sales and get to know like-minded people,” Mayor Ruddock said.

“Taking part in garage sales is environmentally, socially and economically rewarding. Whether you are selling or buying, you will be reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and reusing precious natural resources.”

Created to encourage a circular economy, Second Hand Hornsby aligns with Council’s Waste Matters Strategy and is part of a suite of initiatives to assist Council achieve its goal of diverting 80 per cent of community waste from landfill by 2030.

A key theme of Hornsby Shire Council’s Sustainable Hornsby 2040 StrategyWaste Matters aims to ensure the sustainability of the Shire through better waste management practises. Read more at Final-Waste-Matters-Strategy-Report-Digital.pdf (

Second Hand Hornsby is live now. Discover more at Second Hand Hornsby – We choose to Reuse | Hornsby Shire Council (

Second Hand Hornsby