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Every year, Galston High School inducts its new school leaders with the goal of shaping them into effective and passionate leaders.

One of their first experiences is a three-day leadership camp in which all student leaders take part.

From the 28th of February to the 2nd of March, the prefects (“the face of the school”), Student Representative Council (“the voice of the school”), the House Leaders (“the spirit of the school”) and the student-librarians (“the mind of the school”) attended Crosslands Youth and Convention Centre.

Engaging in team-building and leadership activities, they were able to build a base of shared vision for student leadership at Galston High School in 2021.

“Through team-building activities and planning sessions, the leadership teams at Galston High School were able to bond with one another and plan exciting events for the year ahead. We worked together to learn new skills to become the best leaders we can be,” school prefect Mykaela Hayhurst noted.

“The house spirit soared through the annual house war cry challenge and highlighted the importance of school spirit at Galston High School,” Joshua Chapman, another prefect added.

“We had a fantastic time at leadership camp! Every activity was designed to help improve our leadership skills in several ways. Tackling the high ropes course put us all on edge, but we came together as a team and supported each other.

We also worked on something as equally nerve-wracking – public speaking – and put our skills to the test,” Emily Woods, student librarian and Director of Physical Displays, commented.

“But the most useful part of camp was our team meeting time when we were able to plan for the year ahead, especially our favourite time of year – Book Week!” she added.

House leaders Gemma Nolland and Sunny Galuzzo noted the supportive culture the camp created. “In our free time, we wrote notes which were called warm and fuzzies, which made us appreciate each other and feel valued by our peers. Overall, leadership camp was a great experience and we accomplished a lot of planning for the school.”

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