Refurbished Waves Laps Up Energy Efficiency

The soon-to-be opened Waves Fitness and Aquatic Centre in Baulkham Hills will come with energy efficiency in a bid to reduce on greenhouse gas emissions and save on costs.

The $55-million facility, set to open this month (September), will have a 99kW solar system installed on its roof to energise pool equipment. It will also have high-efficiency LED lighting used throughout the building for efficiency and longer-lasting ability. The Centre has also been built with double glazing to assist with thermal insulation, and heat recovery systems and pool blankets will also be used to keep the pools warm, especially during the cooler months.

A large water storage tank (approximately 20,000 litres) has been installed to capture rainwater and this will be used for irrigation purposes, and two electric car charging stations are currently being installed.

Waves is also fitted out with a high efficiency/low maintenance filtration system and variable speed drive motors, that are friendly on energy usage.

“As part of our plans, we’ve identified energy improvements that can be made at Waves. This will reduce our reliance on high-use electricity, improve efficiency and save money that could be better spent elsewhere in our community,” Hills Shire Mayor Peter Gangemi said.