Printers: Inkjet or Laser – Which Way To Go?

Of all the questions that I am asked regularly “should I buy an inkjet or laser printer?”

The difference between the two is inkjets utilise liquid ink and laser printers contain a fine powder called toner. A mid-spec inkjet printer is considerably cheaper to run than a laser printer.

Surprised? A laser printer has very expensive items in them that need to be replaced regularly: Fuser, Transfer Belt and Drums. So, from a cost of running perspective a small business or home office should consider a carefully chosen Ink Jet Printer.

Now another important factor to consider is the application the machine will be used for. If the printed product contains images and is being given to your clients, then a laser printer is best. If you need the printer to do simple text printing like an invoice with a company logo then without a doubt a inkjet is the way to go. However, don’t buy a cheap one, they are expensive to run.

It all comes down to what you’re using the printer for. Drop in to Cartridge World Castle Hill, I have a large range of economical printers on display and over 35 years of experience to guide you.