Platypus Discovered in Colah Creek Catchment

Platypus were not known to inhabit any waterway within Hornsby Shire. However, in August this year one was sighted and recorded within the Colah Creek catchment. This is very exciting and clearly demonstrates the importance of keeping our waterways as healthy as possible.

It’s not every day a platypus is sighted in suburban Sydney, even in our community’s semi-urban landscape. So, the confirmed sighting of a platypus (pictured right) in the Colah Creek Catchment earlier this year was not only surprising but exciting.

The platypus was found in a local rural creekline. It’s not known whether it was washed down with recent flood waters or has been a local for some time.

As a result of this discovery, NSW Hornsby MP and Treasurer Matt Kean allocated a $10,000 grant to Hornsby Council through the Sydney Water Healthy Waterways program.

The funds will allow Hornsby Council to work with 3 local volunteer groups Streamwatch; Friends of Berowra Valley; and Still Creek Catchment Landcare to undertake testing in rural catchments between Galston and Forest Glen. The studies will search for platypuses using eDNA which will confirm if these unique animals are found in other areas.

The grant will also help raise community awareness of platypuses in the Hornsby Shire and this animal’s habitat.

If you have any local knowledge of platypus or have sighted one over the last few years, please assist the project team and report it to [email protected]