Northholm Grammar seeks to challenge every student to achieve their potential

At Northholm Grammar, our educational philosophy is firmly based on the principal of academic intentionality with pastoral attentiveness.

The Northholm School believes in raising academic expectations and grammar knowledge for all students in order to help them meet their potential, and recognises the importance of supporting their wellbeing and personal growth to meet these expectations.

Education is about preparing young men and women for life; we grow and develop each student intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Northholm Grammar

By being attentive to the personal circumstances of each child, teachers can deliver learning experiences that challenge and engage the individual student. A love of learning and a desire to contribute to the community is what we seek to instil in every student. The School acknowledges that every child has different interests, talents and expectations, therefore Northholm’s educators celebrate all forms of excellence and achievement.

Northholm Grammar

This holistic approach to education, uniting the positive benefits of academic intentionality with pastoral attentiveness, positions student growth as the mark of achievement. Each year, Northholm offers high performing students the opportunity to apply for a Scholarship to further their development. Northholm Grammar

Students who demonstrate excellence across the curriculum and are involved in community, co-curricular or leadership activities can apply for an All-Rounder Scholarship, while students of outstanding academic excellence or musical achievement are invited to apply for Academic and Music Scholarships.