Service to the Community Builds Character

Embedded in Northholm Grammar’s educational philosophy are the core pillars of Learning through Scholarship, Caring for Self and Others, Living a Faithful life and Contributing to the Community.

These pillars create the framework which builds the development of character in our students. Students are encouraged to serve others, to find purpose and are instilled with the determination and character to succeed. The School is an environment that prepares our students to face the challenges of living in a complex and fast-changing world.

At Northholm, students are supported and challenged academically, but they also need to be given the opportunity to lead others and work collaboratively within a team environment. School is about enabling our young men and women to become good citizens, able to lead rich lives, as well as become ‘successful’ persons. A strong education is concerned centrally with the formation of character and benefits from a deliberate and well-intentioned approach to character development.

Northholm Grammar is proud to acknowledge the following students for their contributions to the community and achievements in service and leadership:

Northholm Grammar’s ‘Senior Leadership Program’ serves to provide Year 11 students with the opportunity to develop organisational and leadership skills in preparation for their final year at school. The program encourages students to develop and lead an initiative (‘complex task’) that supports the community. Recently Holly Lawton (Year 11) organised the school Trivia Night to raise money for Kids Help Line. The evening was a huge success raising over $5000. In Term 3, Sienna Arena-Milne (Year 11) is leading an initiative to support Camp Australia culminating in a Masquerade Ball. All projects are supported by Year 11 students.

Congratulations to Callum Fraser and Holly Lawton (Year 11) who have successfully completed the Max Potential Program. The program supports the vision of our future community leaders as they end a transformative six month personal leadership journey with Max Potential.

Northholm Grammar has continued its strong participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Program celebrating the achievements of several Year 12 students who have recently achieved their Gold Award. The recipients of the prestigious award include Oscar Henderson, Lawrence Wen, Elouise Wright and Vanessa Norris. Each participant is encouraged to look at themselves, their interests, abilities, and ambitions, then set themselves challenges in the four different Sections of the Award (Voluntary Service, Skill, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey).

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