Just Better Care

As part of National Road Safety Week 2022 which runs 15th May to 22nd May, Friday 20th May has been designated as Walk Safely to School Day.

This is a community initiative that aims to raise awareness of the health, road safety, transport and environmental benefits that regular walking (especially to and from school) can provide for the long term well-being of our children. Apart from the physical benefits, regular walking also has a favourable impact on children’s cognitive and academic performance.

The national initiative also promotes healthy eating and encourages schools and P&Cs to Host a Healthy Breakfast on the day.

With winter approaching it is a timely reminder for seniors, and other vulnerable community members to book a Flu Shot. The 2022 influenza vaccination program commenced on 21 March in residential care facilities. As international borders open, the seasonal influenza virus may start to re-emerge and circulate in Australia.

The influenza vaccine and a dose of COVID-19 vaccine (booster shot) can be administered on the same day, according to updated ATAGI advice.

1. Walk some or if you can, walk all the way to school.
2. Get off the bus, train or tram a few stops earlier and walk the rest of the way.
3. Leave the car at least 1km away from school and walk the rest of the way.
4. If you can’t walk in the morning, walk home after school.