Musing Music

Music has always played an important part in our community, and Fiddletown has a quaint story to tell. The Arcadia Brass Band was formed to farewell and welcome WW1 soldiers. Walter Stokes played the piano for dances in the late 19th C while the Arcadia Musical Recitals, the Galston Concerts, with others, have given happiness to many in recent years.

The churches of our community have a special place in our music; the organs themselves had histories, and their players gave decades of accompaniment for the congregations.

One exceptional organ is in the Uniting Church in Galston. With the kind permission of the Church, the Dural and District Historical Society will hold its Saturday 12th February meeting in the Church, and the organ will be the topic of a talk and demonstration assisted by its organist, Ken Leeson.

Covid willing the meeting will start at 2.00 pm and rules of double vaccination, booster and distancing must apply.

The Society is planning the guest speakers for the coming year concentrating on local characters, including the artist A.Thomas in Galston Gorge, the story behind Bevans Road, Ginger Meggs and the always popular June Roughley Memorial Lecture in the Arcadia Community Hall on the 13th August. Tours are being considered, but it will all come down to the incidence of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Research requests and archival material continue to be received. For the time being, the History Cottage is closed, but enquiries can be made by telephone on 9653 1365.

Musing Music