Mens Health And Kitchens… What Could They Have In Common?

By Chris Thomas

What they have in common is … THE DURAL MEN’S SHED!!

Since the start of this year the activities of the shed have ramped up significantly, and two projects that have seen the shed very active are;

This involves the setting up a new health and rehab centre to help blokes look after their health. This relates firstly to assist in keeping them out of hospital, preventing heart attacks and stroke, but also to be a place where they can continue rehab and exercises following either heart operations or knee and hip operations.

We have engaged the services of a highly qualified Exercise Physiologist. Once the men have set up the new health centre, we will be opening it up for use by the wider community, particularly men and women in their senior years.

We have not forgotten the fire victims of the south and north coast. It has been a year since the fires destroyed many hundreds of homes, and some families are rebuilding but many have very limited funds to do that. So, the shed has put together a programme of securing kitchens and appliances and sending these to families so as to alleviate some of the high cost of their rebuild.

We have formed alliances with LIVING CHOICE VILLAGE at Glenhaven, and through their generosity we are able to dismantle kitchens when the units require refurbishing when there is a change of owner. Also, the wholesale cabinet kitchen manufacturer, CABINETS LIVE, at Windsor has offered to donate some brand-new kitchens for us to send to deserving families. Thank you LIVING CHOICE and CABINETS LIVE!!

The DURAL MEN’S SHED forms part of the CENTRE (Dural Baptist Church) which works under the principle of providing many community services, constantly wishing to serve the local community.

We have had a great influx of new shed members this year, growing our membership to 135.

If you happen to be interested in learning more about the HEALTH SHED or helping with the KITCHEN PROGRAMME then you can contact the shed via [email protected] or

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