Managing Overwhelm And Regaining Control

For many the uncertainty of 2020 has seen us over stretched, overwhelmed, and struggling to maintain a balanced life. With the new year, let’s make a promise to ourselves to make change and regain some control of our lives.

The first step is setting boundaries and learning when it’s time to say no. We may see saying no as negative, when sometimes it’s a positive for all.

No is not a complete sentence. You can say no politely, with compassion, and without extensive detail (which can see us saying yes again!)

When you’re at full capacity and an amazing opportunity comes along, you must consider if you say yes, what will you say no to? Our capacity doesn’t miraculously grow. Nor does it suddenly get fixed in a month (in most cases). Often we think when X is out the way we’ll be fine, only to replace with something bigger or lots of deferred little things.

Just because an opportunity is positive doesn’t mean it’s a good choice. Look at each situation and make the call – although an amazing opportunity, maybe it’s not suitable for us now. Both clients and myself have faced some burnt-out times this year, so join me in making a pact to look after yourself in 2021 and not always put yourself last.

If you lack focus or need help prioritising your time, please reach out to me and take advantage of the 60 hours of NSW Government funded Business Connect support available to New South Wales small businesses. Happy holidays!

Jane Tweedy | 0490 102194 Western Sydney Business Centre [email protected]

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