Langlands Landscape Supplies – Drenching Weather

Well, what an end to summer!! Unanticipated heavy rain from severe weather conditions has caused complete wash aways of driveways, paths, gardens and much more.

Here at LANGLANDS, we lost our driveway, and so in need of extensive repairs, we used our rec road base with cement and resealed it.

Debris from Galston Road filled our drainage pits so we were lucky that we had used our Sabrain system where we can lift the grates and clean very quickly as the rain fell. Please call us here to discuss driveway repair options, either gravels, roadbase, rotor mill or cement.

If you need drains, etc., please call us to discuss the different sub-drain systems available. Drains, pits, grates etc.

We can supply all the bedding, drainage metal and Geotech fabric needed.

Let’s hope autumn brings sunshine – stay safe.