Last month of Winter-Langlands Landscape Supplies

I hope everyone enjoying this last month of Winter weather. Now is the time to look into the preparation for Spring.

Weeding and mulching are so necessary now before the warmth kicks in. A good approach is to weed the gardens, give a deep watering to all the plants, and mulch.

We have many different types of mulches here for all garden requirements: leaf mulch, woodchip, eucy mulch, cow/leaf mulch, woodchip and Pine bark.

August is also a great time to prune your roses and also fertilize them with a water-soluble fertilizer. Roses will flourish in Spring, and a good prep now will enhance the growth and development of the bush and the rose.

Citrus trees will need fertilizing also as they have just provided an abundant crop (I know ours has) and will need replenishing for the new season ahead.

Prep your veggie gardens – our veggie mix is a must, providing all the nutrients and requirements for your veggie beds.

Most of all, get outside and enjoy the fresh air, sun and satisfaction of your gardens. Stay safe.

Last month of Winter