Is “Independence” in your List?

Tech companies know more about us than we do about ourselves these days. Ask Google, Apple or Amazon. They know where we shop, what we eat, what we like etc better than our family or friends.

It’s the thought that makes the difference. In every gift, we also pack our time, our thoughtfulness, our consideration and our care.

Think out-side the box this year when you select your Christmas gift for your loved ones. Consider what would make that difference in the lives of those who receive your gift. If you are too busy to think, specialised vendors would have gifts suitable for people in particular demography.

This Christmas show you care by wrapping “independence” for older people in your family. A mobility Store is a great place to start.

When you have older family members visiting you for this Christmas, please ensure that the experience is least inconvenient for you as well as your guests. Plan ahead and hire for short term some mobility aids, like a chair, a shower stool or even a wheelchair. It will make a world of difference to those who need them.

Get away from the hassle of parking at a shopping Centre. Head to comfort is covered. com or their store with very convenient covered parking for Christmas shopping this year! Make sure you have included “Independence” of your loved ones in your list.

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