How Well are you Hearing in a Masked-up World?

Mask-wearing has become challenging for all of us Even with individuals who have normal hearing, communicating with masked communication partners can become challenging as we all rely on lip-reading.

For individuals with hearing loss, communicating with masked communication partners becomes EVEN more challenging especially in noisy environments like the grocery store.

This can overwhelm your brain and cause listening fatigue! If you have hearing loss, when you’re bombarded with all the sounds around you and people you are communicating with, these sounds are just noise to your brain which it cannot understand. This may cause you to become tired and frustrated.

So, if you feel as if you are coming home feeling tired after doing your groceries because you cannot clearly understand what people are saying, this may be a sign to get your hearing checked.

Ear aid manufacturers have been working on ways to adjust hearing aids to improve hearing in a masked world. Your clinician can create a personalised program that will help you better hear a person wearing a mask.

Then, you have the complication of several items competing for space around your ear: glasses, ear aids and mask loops. Removing your mask loop means taking care to ensure that you don’t dislodge your ear performance aid in the process. One solution to this problem is the use of invisible or in-the-ear test aids. These tiny aids are custom made to sit inside your ear canal, keeping them safe from your mask loops.

Now we are emerging from lock-down, there are opportunities to socialise and connect with people in restaurants and at home. You may find that your audience has changed. Living in a quiet environment can mask slight changes to your hearing. It is time to get your audition checked and find ways that you can better enjoy your time with family and friends.

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