How Did We Ever Survive?


Recently I was happily working on my spreadsheet when all of a sudden my universe came to a stop as my Internet crashed, so I lost access to all my files in the cloud.

Looking back I thought to myself, how did I ever survive in the 70s, with no internet, no Netflix no mobile phone and too scared to go to the beach after watching jaws!

I can remember seeing a car phone for the first time, it was enormous. It was in the car of the owner of a business I worked in during school holidays. Then later on the first mobile phone came onto the market. It was nicknamed ‘the brick’.

The delete button of the 70s was ‘white out’ with many assignments saved by this invention and the library or Britannica was our Encyclopedia. No one had heard yet of Google.

So looking back to the children of the 70s, what do you wish your kids could have experienced?

As we look to the future we see electric cars, net-zero emissions, new and better vaccines all on the horizon, and we wonder what our grandchildren will experience. It appears we have turned out ok living through the 70s so I feel very positive about our current generation turning out ok as well. So I will leave it at that for now and see if I can find my old Skyhooks records