Thank You Gladys


I have not been surprised by the outpouring of support for former Premier Gladys Berejiklian. She was remarkable, and NSW is a better place because of her leadership and service. Today, women in this State are able to decide what happens with their bodies because of Gladys Berejiklian.

Our citizens can spend more time with their friends and families because of Gladys Berejiklian – the opal card, the metros, the highways are her achievements. Young girls and first-generation Australians know they can succeed in our country because of the example Gladys Berejiklian has set.

Future generations of Australians are going to enjoy a better planet and a more prosperous society because of the reforms she alone was able to achieve.

While I am still upset by the events, I am humbled and honoured to serve as the State’s Treasurer. I would like to thank the community for the emails and messages of support I have received. To know I have the support of the people of Hornsby as I take on this role is very important.

I will continue to work hard for the people of Hornsby, to ensure it is the best place to live, work and raise a family. I am going to give this new role everything to ensure we bounce back better from the COVID-19 pandemic and build a fairer, more sustainable, and more prosperous future.

Finally, I would like to thank our community for getting vaccinated. We have led the way and continue to see some of the highest vaccination rates not just in Sydney but the State. As we open up, I encourage everyone to support local businesses. They have been doing it tough so ditch Netflix, download your Dine and Discover vouchers, and get out and enjoy Hornsby.

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