Hornsby Shire Council Lifts Soft Plastics Restrictions at Community Recycling Centre

Hornsby Shire Council Lifts Soft Plastics Restrictions at Community Recycling Centre

Hornsby Shire Council is pleased to announce that Hornsby Shire residents are again welcome to bring all the soft plastics they collect at home to the Community Recycling Centre (CRC) at 29 Sefton Rd Thornleigh.

Hornsby Shire Mayor Philip Ruddock said that this is a great result for sustainably minded residents who want to do their bit for the environment.

“We are delighted to lift restrictions on soft plastics being brought to the CRC for recycling. Following the collapse of REDCycle, we experienced an unprecedented surge in quantities being brought to the centre and took emergency measures to prevent our facility, and that of our recycling partner Plasmar, from becoming overwhelmed. We’re pleased to now relax these for our residents,” said Hornsby Shire Mayor Philip Ruddock.

Council works closely with Plasmar, a Sydney based soft plastics recycler and product manufacturer, to ensure any soft plastics accepted from the Thornleigh CRC are responsibly and sustainably recycled. Plasmar hand-sorts the soft plastics to ensure there is no contamination. It then pelletises them and makes a range of products for commercial re-sale including fence posts, bollards, boards, sleepers and wheel stops. Council buys these products for use in car parks, fencing, community gardens and large compost systems.

“It is critical that materials accepted for recycling at the CRC can be sent to bona fide recyclers that process them and contribute towards the circular economy,” continued Mayor Ruddock.

“The quantity of soft plastics being generated in Australia far outstrips the available recycling and re-manufacturing capacity here, meaning that not all soft plastics can currently be recycled. There is an urgent need for both state and federal governments to assist in building onshore recycling capabilities within Australia. We also need to ensure recycling programs are being responsibly operated and that materials are not being stockpiled or sent to landfill.” 

As Hornsby Shire ratepayers fund this recycling initiative, restrictions on soft plastics, hard plastics and polystyrene remain in place for people from outside of Hornsby Shire, as well as all businesses, and these products will not be accepted. Residents of other local government areas are advised to contact their council for advice on recycling options available to them.

The new rules are now in effect. CRC facility staff will accept either a Hornsby Shire Council issued rates notice or a driver’s license as proof of residence. For more information, visit: