Hills Shire Council North Ward


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Flood Recovery
Although the last flood was a few months ago, the impacts have by no means passed.

I have visited a number of properties along the river in Sackville North and Lower Portland to see the impact firsthand and speak with residents impacted. Residents have asked for support and assistance with the removal of flood waste, road repairs, rectification of evacuation routes and rebuilding. Each property has been impacted differently and everyone’s needs are different.

What is apparent to me is that, through the community, there are a number of concerns that have come out of the last flood and the two that came before. Issues such as telecommunications going down in a flood, access to properties, evacuation routes. I am compiling these concerns and working through addressing these with the relevant authorities. Please let me know if you have any concerns.

Maroota Muster
Another great Maroota Muster was again held by Maroota Public School. The weather was perfect and it was great to see so many locals and visitors attend what is a great day. I spoke with many residents and there was a strong community atmosphere. Well done to the organisers and I look forward to next years event.

Brindle Parkway Reserve
Council recently awarded the tender for the construction of Brindle Parkway Reserve in Box Hill. I look forward to seeing the commencement of what will be the first sportsfield in Box Hill. It is not lost on me that Box Hill residents need more parks and I will continue to work with the team to achieve this.

If there is anything I can be of assistance with, please send me an email or give me a call. I am here to advocate on your behalf and am more than happy to assist where I can.

Councillor Virginia Ellis 0400 552 041 | [email protected]

On Thursday 30 August, I attended a meeting with the Hawkesbury Holiday and Ski Parks association and several owners of the caravan parks and cabin resorts to discuss issues after the recent floods. Joining me was the Mayor, Councillor Blue, the State Member for Hawkesbury, and staff from The Hills Shire Council.

The owners of these establishments, who after months of repairs and cleaning, have now suffered through a fourth flood that was higher and caused more damage than before. These facilities provide accommodation to both permanent residents as well as visitors to the Hawkesbury area, and the upheaval in their businesses have put people out of homes and prevented much needed tourism money from coming into the area.

The stress and anguish felt by these people has been incredible, and to make matters worse, they have received notice from council of their intention to close riverside Caravan Parks and Cabin resorts as they “may have been damaged by floodwater”. This would seriously cripple an already struggling business.

This meeting, although urgently convened, was well attended and went well. Council was asked to consider extending the time in which park operators could respond to the communication and outline what Council’s expectations were of the park operators. The park operators were left with a better understanding of what needed to be done and the timeline in which things were to happen.

All in all, I hope that the operators felt that they were being heard and that the council would support them during this most difficult time.

I would like to thank council staff for making the time to attend the meeting and agreeing to listen to the issues that the park operators are facing. I would also like to that the park operators for giving myself and other members of council the opportunity to discuss these issues and try to resolve some of the problems they are facing. It is only through this sort of communication that we can all work towards making this council area the best it can be.

As a councillor, I am prepared to advocate to council on your behalf. I am here to represent you and be your voice, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have anything you would like addressed