Hidden in the Hills: Bird Identification

Bird IdentificationWhen walking through bushland reserves it is possible to encounter many birds as they search for food either on the ground, through the undergrowth or in the treetops.

Larger birds, because they are more easily seen appear to be fairly common. However, it can be the smaller birds which tend to captivate a bird watching enthusiast.

It is a very fortunate occurrence to see a bird building its nest, or feeding its demanding juvenile.

To successfully observe most birdlife in bushland forests it is important to remember that humans are intruders in their environment. Most small birds will keep their distance as you walk along a bush track. Wear bush-coloured clothing, move slowly and speak softly.

Hidden in the Hills: The Beauty of Bird Identification

Bird Identification

Don’t make sudden movements, like pointing your arm or camera to where you have just spotted a bird. For best results when capturing images of small birds in particular, a telephoto or zoom lens is essential.

Birds are most active searching for food in the early parts of the day.

This year the “Aussie Backyard Bird Count” will be held during Bird Week from Monday October 16 to Sunday October 22.

Lachlan will hold a “Do You Know That Bird” Workshop on Thursday October 19 at 10.00am at the Community Environment Centre in Currie Avenue, Annangrove.

This workshop is free, but bookings are essential through Eventbrite at the Hills Shire Council web site.