Glenhaven Rural Fire Brigade update!!

Our thoughts are with all in our community who are experiencing hardship during the current COVID-19 restrictions. Our experience as a Fire Brigade combating disasters of a different type have shown that we need to band together as a community and take action together.

Treat everyone as though they were your own family. To protect them, follow the public health orders, wear a mask and if you can – get a vaccine. Fire Brigade

In other news we have a new arrival at our station. You may have seen the message on our noticeboard. Glenhaven has just received a new tanker. This mid-sized vehicle is known as ‘Glenhaven 7’ and will replace our Land Cruiser ‘Glenhaven 9’.

This vehicle increases our capacity to deploy firefighters and can also carry more equipment and water. Over the past year we have gone from being able to send a maximum of 8 firefighters to an incident, now up to 17. Glenhaven 9 will be redeployed to another Fire Brigade to continue its service.

With the lockdown bringing many of our activities to a halt, we have had to move to online participation with our members. This has included Fire Brigade meetings and our training sessions being delivered over Zoom. We have also held some social trivia nights to keep in contact with each other.

If you are looking for ways to fill your time in lockdown, consider reviewing or creating a Bush Fire Survival Plan. Your plan should be regularly updated to ensure it is relevant to your current situation. With it being winter, and spending more time at home, its the perfect time to prepare your property. If you do it now there will be much less to do come summer and it can help you to Prepare. Act. Survive.

Fire Brigade

Your guide to developing your Bush Fire Survival Plan, understanding Fire Danger Ratings/Bush Fire Alerts and location of your Neighbourhood Safer Places can be found at