Glenhaven Rural Fire Brigade

Recent rain has caused extensive grass growth across NSW. You may have seen this within the parks and along the streets in Glenhaven too. With the current warm weather, this grass is drying out and becoming increasingly fire prone. There is significant risk of large and destructive grass fires in NSW this season. With La Nina expected to end in the coming months, the grass will only get dryer. Grass fires are unpredictable, they can start easily and spread rapidly.

Now is the perfect time to pull on your gardening gloves and get outside to prepare your property for the threat of grass and bush fires. Activities such as cleaning your gutters, keeping your grass mown and removing debris from around your house are simple steps to make your property easier to defend for firefighters.

It is also important to plan what you will do if a fire threatens. Remember, you’ll also need to make a plan for your pets and livestock.

Glenhaven Brigade has been busy over Summer preparing and improving our systems and skills as well. We were successful in our application for a $24,000 grant for the new station digital sign, which will provide the community with updates on our activities as well as the fire danger ratings for the area. We have also been working on draft Brigade Role Guides that outline what the Brigade sees as the roles and responsibilities of our specialist members and officers, as well as the desirable skills and qualities members in each role should have.

Following a generous donation of new video conferencing equipment, one of our members manufactured a monitor stand on casters with a shelf for a laptop with support from the Dural Men’s Shed. Thank you to everyone who donated equipment, time and skill for the project. Recent training has included asbestos awareness and a refresher session on the use of firefighting foam.

For more information on the risks of grass fires, visit the NSW RFS website: follow Glenhaven Rural Fire Brigade on Facebook and Instagram for more local updates.